Greetings Dan fans!


We'd like to bring you up to date on some changes happening in the world of your favorite Steely Dan tribute band and ours, STEALIN' DAN. You will now have the opportunity to see and hear TWO great Steely Dan tributes. The band you have been enjoying for the past 15 years has been remolded into two new groups:


Stealin' Dan has been bringing the music of Steely Dan to loyal fans for over 15 years. With their note for note covers and jazzy reinterpretations, they blur the line between "tribute" and the real thing. Recently split from founder Dave Beyers, the remaining 12 musicians are now known as "FM - A Steely Dan Tribute". Come to their next show and see for yourself - new name...same great taste!


Dr. Dave Beyers, Founder, Inspirational Leader and Primary Soloist of the band formerly known as Stealin' Dan has done it again. Not content to simply recreate the Steely Dan Songbook, Dr. Dave, better known as Chaaly Magna, will now lead a 13 piece super group that will not be confined to covering any one artist. For more information please visit